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The only software that provides a bridge between independent eye care providers, their frame companies and their customers.


Today your customer spends 90% of their time researching their next purchase online. They want to see the colors, shapes, and styles of frames you offer. Frames Library makes this easy by partnering with eyewear companies worldwide and building custom libraries by brand, style, and preferences.

You can choose a pre-built library or build your own. The best part? You don't need to own the frames to offer them in your library….you can expand your offering without the costly investment! Sell as you go.

Use Cases

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Eyewear Company Use Cases

If you are an eyewear company in 2023 then we do not need to do much convincing on why a virtual/digital frame library is vital to your business. However, this has been a challenge for many of our frame company clients. We have designed several use cases which are modeled after our most successful current customers:

Use Case 1

Problem: Lack of experienced independent eyewear sales reps. Eyewear companies have found themselves in a serious eyewear rep drought. Independent eyewear specifically is harder than ever to sell. With a shrinking market of independent eye care providers, high cost of travel, and changing landscape in the market, reps are not only hard to come by but hard to help succeed.

Solution: Frames Library is the only company that will work with you and your entire sales team to customize your solution to actually work for you. Our team is equipped with tenured sales experts who know the industry and are willing to help you implement the tools so you can succeed. The simplest way to use Frames Library for sales reps is to teach them how to do digital outreach with this newfound tool and use your free license to motivate your customers. This differentiator is something we built into our solution specifically to help frame companies to position themselves to excel.

ROI: The more your potential customers can see and interact with your product, the more you will sell. This is proven and we have helped brands with NO REPS ON THE GROUND IN THE US GROW THEIR SALES WITH THIS ALONE AS A REMOTE SOLUTION.

Use Case 2

Problem: Trade Show consistency. As you have probably noticed, tradeshows have seen a decline in traffic and also in sales. There are exceptions to this but not without a huge cost and a big risk.

Solution: Frames Library is the only virtual try-on library in the world with integrations into virtual trade show platforms within the industry and The Optical Metaverse. This means as the patient/customer is evolving in real-time (hint: Google metaverse) we are already ahead of the curve and ready to help you and your brand position your retailers to succeed and address the demands of their customers.

ROI: With the rising costs of travel and exhibiting, it is imperative to supplement your physical trade show schedule with virtual trade shows like The Optical Metaverse and My Vision Show. The challenge is, that you need to supply an experience like Frames Library which will give the buyer a more complete experience so they can interact with your product. The increase in conversion and ease of follow-up will help you to move more sales through your pipeline. Faster conversions mean faster dollars. You can do easy math to see a clear ROI.

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Retailer Use Cases

Before you build your frames library it is important to know why. We have studied thousands of optical shops across the world and have identified several important use cases which represent an immediate return on your investment:

Use Case 1

Problem: Accessibility - Customers with concern for COVID, anxiety, transportation challenges, proximity challenges, disabilities, etc have a very hard time finding an easy way to buy their eyewear. Most people would prefer to use a local eyewear provider if they knew they carried a product that fits their needs.

Solution: Frames Library makes it easy for you to use frames from our select eyewear providers or add your own. Since we are able to add frames in as little as 24 hours* (limitations apply) you can build a library with new frames or existing frames that your patients can try on, and request information from you so that you can help them in a way that no-one else can.

ROI: Trust and loyalty are two of the most important components of a local business’s recipe for success. With the ability to provide transparent pricing and product options and by making it easy for your customer to buy on their terms, you are creating a unique relationship with them that they will appreciate. This not only means more sales but also means more conversions. Conversions are very important in your marketing plan.

Use Case 2

Problem: Stale Inventory - Often you have frames that should be better at selling, however, they just do not get a lot of interaction. This leads to frames that sit on your boards and cost you money as well as block you from adding new, more in-demand frame offerings.

Solution: Frames Library allows you to choose the frames you want to display. If you want to create an offering strictly of your frames that are slow movers and even highlight them as exclusive products, you can avoid the dreaded loss leader business model which many frame buyers find themselves in when dealing with frames that do no move.

ROI: This is an obvious one. The faster you move your inventory, the more sales you will make. Isn't it time you took control of your rate of conversion?

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Our Story

FramesLibrary is a new initiative of PlanetVA, the leading independent provider of digital eyewear solutions, and Optical Near ME, the leading independent provider of ecommerce solutions for independent retailers in North America.

PlanetVA and Optical Near ME have been providing solutions to innovative eye care businesses since 2016. Today’s consumers want an EXPERIENCE. They also prefer to browse online before they purchase. This means they want to interact with your brand even when they are home. Enterprise level tools to develop this software and developers can cost tens of thousdands and often hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have made these tools accessible by designing turnkey solutions in a software as a service suite.

FramesLibrary provides your practice the ability to offer the ideal combination of online frame browsing and in-person optical knowledge such as the need of in-person fitting and service that only an ECP can deliver.

Quote 1

FramesLibrary started with an idea to solve problems patients and clients currently have with traditional eyewear shopping...

Charlene Nichols - Founder of Optical Near ME Quote 2
Quote 1

The COVID pandemic has changed consumers' behavior and further accentuated the need for solutions such as FramesLibrary.

Ludwig Heymbeeck - Founder of PlanetVA Quote 2

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